‘My Term 2 holidays in 100 words’

Hello students – this is where you add your Term 2 holiday recounts. I am looking forward to reading about the adventures you had in the holidays!
Mrs Davies

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  1. Dear Mrs Davies
    On the first day of holidays I went to Charlotte’s house at 2:30. It was her birthday party. Firstly she gave us a tour around her house. My favourite part was the garden because she has a giant trampoline. It was so cool. We played on the trampoline for a while. At 4:30 we went to Hoyts to watch Finding Dory. It was beautiful. After that we got some fish and chips for dinner. It was yummy. Soon we all had a shower and played a few games. They were lots of fun. Then we fell fast asleep in bed. 🙂

    1. Dear Mrs D, during the holidays I went to Hoyts and watched ‘Ghost busters’. It was a cool movie because I wanted to see It alot . I also saw ‘Finding Dory’ with my mum. It was a beautiful movie though I cried a little. My mum’s friend brought her daughter over and she watched it with me. Second, she fell asleep in the ‘Scooby-doo’ movie alot. I don’t blame her, she was tired.

  2. Dear Mrs D
    On Sunday morning I woke up early because I was going to get a new bunny. Her name is Me Me. She is light brown with some white patches. When we were driving to the vet I was so exited! The lady at the counter took us to her cage to go and see her. Then the lady gave her to me and we went to get her nails clipped. Next we put her in the cat carry. Then we got home I was so happy that I had got Me Me yay

  3. On Monday morning my Dad woke me up early and told me a big secret, he told me I am having a big surprise. So I ran to brush my teeth and got dressed and got ready for breakfast. The breakfast was humungous. After breakfast my Dad got in the car and of we went to the surprise. My Dad went to Carousel and went to the movies. I was so happy I blew up into pieces. So I said to watch the BFG. My Dad agreed and watched the BFG. Then I went home, I went to bed.

  4. Dear Mrs Davies this is my term 2 recount in 100 words enjoy

    On the second week of the holidays I went to the new park in Harrisdale. With my sister and mum.Some of my mum’s friends and their kids came for a sausage sizzel. There was a flying fox,a play pen and a little grass area to run around. There was also a balance beam , a bird swing and little wood stumps with sticky out wood bits you put your feet on. Me and my sister stayed on the flying fox because everything was to small for us. It was fun I can’t wait to go back with my sister.

  5. On the two week holiday I went to see the 52 story tree house.With Julie we sat down and I was getting hungry but we could,ent eat in the theatre. then we went to eat subway. After that we went to the snow slide it was a very very long line! We had to slide on these donuts [well not really donuts.]Finally we said bye and went home the next day we went to see ice age 5 my sister argud and didn,t come so my mum had to bug her.

  6. In the school holidays I had a play date with Sanya, Louisa and Delina. Some of my sister’s friends came but they mostly only played together . Me, Sanya, Louisa and Delina made things for each other. We put our names in then what ever we picked we made something for them. I got Sanya, Sanya got me, Delina got Louisa Louisa got Delina.Then we watched a movie called ‘Nanny McPhee – the big bang’ it was funny. Then Louisa wen. After that we went out side. Next Delina went home. We played hide and seek and Sanya went home.

  7. Dear Mrs D, In my holidays I went to a new Sushi shop. It had a sushi train which was great because I ate 8 chicken sushi and had solo for a drink. It was so delicious! I also had some rice and some soup from my dad. I had a jelly cup for dessert and we had loads of food at the end. It was a really big cup of jelly.

    When I went home I played with my puppy. Then I put her in her kennel and she went to sleep. I went inside and I was allowed to pull the bed from the couch out. I went to sleep on the bed and slept soundly all night.

  8. In the school holidays I had to do homework. I got to do my favourite thing and it is playing video games.

  9. In the school holidays I went to a play in the city – it was for the “52 Story-tree House”. The characters were not Andy and Terry, they were normal people.

    Rhys – edit your text, remembering to use recount signal words like: first, next, then, second, after that, finally…

    First, Bill the postman came to give a carrot to Jill. Terry was training his ninja snails and Andy kept on saying it’s my birthday today. They found their friend Jill, asleep in the house. They went to the veggie castle to get a prince.They kissed Jill.Jill woke up,they wen to the tree house.It was funny.I can’t wait for the next 65 story play.

  10. Dear Mrs D, in the school holidays over night we left our garage door open and people stole some stuff out of it. My mum, brother and I went to the end of our street and paper work was in bushes on the path.

  11. Dear Mrs Davies, on my term 2 holidays I have been doing alot of things
    I went to the movies and watched a movie called Alice through the looking glass. when I was about to watch the movie I was really excited because I have never watched it before.

    from Jade

  12. Dear mrs Davies in the the holidays i went to the park. It was a very fun park. First i went to the curly slide. Next i went on the monkey bars. Then i went down the pole. After that i went on the zipper . Finally it was time to go home.

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