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Wadumbah Indigenous Dance group

This week we learned more about Nyoongar culture through music and dance. The Wadumbah Indigenous Dance group played the didgeridoo and danced in the fashion of a variety of Australian animals. We especially enjoyed being part of the performance when we were split into two groups. Group one were seagulls and group two were waves […]

Link to a Times Tables Rap

Look at the blog roll for a link to a times tables rap! We created our own raps for different times tables and used ‘Screen Chomp’ on the iPads to record the raps. Here is one example of our work.

Virtual pet

Hello students – meet ‘Sunny Jim’ an albino monkey. See if you can get him to move around on your screen. Can you find another way to interact with Sunny Jim?

Term 2 in LA9, 2013

Term 2 LA9, 2013 on PhotoPeach

Introducing B1 and B2 – LA9’s Antlions

Hello students – write out the instructions on how to set up a habitat for someone with two new antlions.

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