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Studying historical items in LA9

Studying historical items in LA9 on PhotoPeach

Harmony Day with LA9

IMG_0245 LA9- I would love to hear what you enjoyed learning most during Harmony Day. Maybe you learned something new about a class-mate when we used the discussion dice this morning? Perhaps you learned more drum names from the African drummers? Or maybe you were inspired by the Chinese Lion dancing? Mrs Davies

Growing sprouts in LA9

Hello LA9 students, which sprout do you predict will be ready to eat first? The snow pea sprouts, the fenugreek or the mustard sprouts? I wonder which sprout will taste the best? Enjoy!

Question for LA9 students

Hello LA9 students, Thinking about the persuasive writing we have been engaged in, have you noticed any persuasive texts when shopping or watching tv? Maybe you have seen an advertisement persuading you to buy a new product, or perhaps you have seen a poster in the supermarket aimed at getting you to buy an item? […]

Numeracy vocabulary wordle

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