LA19 Poetry Assembly

Wow – what a fabulous job you all did at our Poetry Assembly this morning! People spoke clearly and with the appropriate volume into the microphone so all the people in the audience could hear everything that was said. I was very proud to see every one of you try your best and have fun hosting the assembly.

Well done!

Tell me how you are feeling having worked so hard on poetry this term, and how it was running the assembly this morning.

From Mrs Davies

20 responses on LA19 Poetry Assembly

  1. Dear Mrs Davies,
    Thank you. I had a very fun time hosting the assembly, though I did feel nervous at the start. It was also very fun making up the poems and I feel proud about working hard on these poems this term.

    From Jamie

  2. Dear Mrs Davies I really had fun at the assembly. I notice the students in the audience enjoyed the poems. I feel like I worked really hard.

  3. Dear Mrs Davies
    I think we did an excellent job. I liked Rhys’s poem it was very funny

    Thank you
    From Aydan

  4. Dear Mrs Davies
    I really enjoyed doing our poetry Assembly because it was really awesome and fun, however I was a bit nervous. It was really hard to say my poem because I didn’t have my glasses on. I wanted to tell my poem without looking so I tried to practice my poem last night.

    From Kate : )

  5. Dear Mrs Davies,
    I think everyone did very good. I was very nervous to read my poem to the year 3s and year 4s.

  6. Dear Mrs Davies,
    I had a good morning doing the Assembly and I got scared and excited at the same time when I was going to do my line. But my dad loved the way that I tried and did my best and it was marvellous when I did my line. I tried to be glad and magical. Do you think I did my best and show respect?

    By Delina

  7. Dear Mrs Davies

    I was really scared when I went on to speak. That was my favourite bit because that was the only thing I did.

    From Kiarn

  8. Dear Mrs Davies

    I thought every one did a great job. At first it was a little scary but soon it wasn’t that scary it was a lot of fun i really enjoyed it.

  9. Dear Mrs Davies,
    Thank you for making our assembly a poetry assembly. I think it was more fun than normal because we got to write our own poems and read them to all the year threes and fours. I think my mum was proud of me.

  10. Dear Mrs Davies
    I had a lot of fun hosting the assembly. I got a little scared about saying my lines but after that I was not scared any more and I found out it was a lot of fun.

    By Hannah

  11. Dear Mrs Davies
    I really enjoyed our poetry Assembly But I was very nervous because there were lots of people and I am a shy person 🙂

  12. Dear Mrs Davies,

    I think everyone done their best at the Assembly but, I was nervous saying my line. I felt I was scared because there was so many people.


  13. Dear Mrs Davies

    I was so relived and happy on how it went although I was so scared even though
    everyone did really good.
    I really enjoyed hosting and speaking. I hope I get to do again with Mrs Davies.

    From Charlotte

  14. This morning was LA19 Poetry assembly.We were the first class there because it was are Assembly.Every one was talking and taking.Kealen try to make them quite but they could not hear him,so Mrs Burn said be quite .He said welcome to our Poetry Assembly .Kiarn said to Mr James lead us in the inshlin athom ,so we all sang the athom.Then the fashion caption did the fashion update and we done the ted award .Then it was me! I said thank you Mrs Burn.Could the teacher plese come to the stage in an ORDLY FASHION and present your merite award I felt scrend .Then we told we were learning about Poetry .Then some Poetry we made.then we all did the one that the class made up together it was the magic box.I had a fun time.

  15. Dear Mrs Davies

    I really enjoyed this morning I was really happy even though I was really scared I thought every one did well. I really enjoyed Hosting today. I hope I get to host with Mrs Davies again.

  16. Dear Mrs Davies, I enjoyed the assembly because we got to read out the poems that we made up by ourselves. I was a little bit nervous when we read out the 8 lines from ‘The Magic Box’. I liked having my mum there because she watched me do my poem.

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