Term One learning experiences

Hello LA9,
Thinking back over the last ten weeks, what are your 2 favourite learning experiences we have done in class? Why did you enjoy them? What would you like to learn next term?
Mrs Davies.

13 responses on Term One learning experiences

  1. My two favourite things I have learnt are history items and making posters about war !!! I like them because they are both very intresting. I would like to learn about how to make food like sushi, pavlova.

  2. I enjoyed doing the St Patrick’s day fun activities and learning about the story followed by St Patrick’s day.I also enjoyed doing Numero with La25. Next term I would like to learn about butterflies and all of the butterflie species.

  3. last few days we have been learning about measuring things like a table and time making the time with a story. Next term I would like to learn about experiments about the earth like why is the sky blue and why are clouds formed diffrent shapesand why is the ground green and dirt brown and stuff like that.

  4. I liked doing Numero with la25 bacause I got to make friends with year7s and got to vs them. My other best thing was doing St Patrick’s Day painting. Next term I would like to learn about Lebanon because I will fill special.

  5. I liked the biscuits we decorated for Easter the best because it was very yummy eating the biscuits with the icing. I liked learning about history because I liked seeing the amazing old fashioned stuff. I want to learn about how the Earth moves around the sun.

  6. My favourite exprience is learning about war and division next term I would
    like to learn about hardest maths.

  7. Over the ten weeks in LA9 i liked it when we did some maths and problems that has writing in it.The reason i liked it because in writing you got to fix up mrs Davies sentes when she rot it on the wirte brod and we got to write it on the write brod to.I liked maths beacuse some of them had solving of time tables and it was a bit easy.Next year i want to learn abut the earth.

  8. my two favourite things were measuring the class room.MY other favourite thing was baking ANZ biscits.

  9. Mrs Davies the two favourite things we have done that i think was my favourite are pursasive writing and art.I like these things because purswasiv writing is sort of hard but i like it like that because it helps me lern more.Art helps me to learn how to draw better.Next term i would like to do more purswasiv writing and art and also lern about the sea.

  10. I remember making a 3d shape with match sticks. i liked it because we used bluetack. aslo i like when we did studyladder because you can play games on the computer. next term i would like to make cupcakes with sprinkles.

  11. My most two favourite things I have done this term is playing numero with LA25 because I always won and Jack was always funny. I also liked to do lots of writing in lots of different ways. I liked to write in a diary about different stuff,I also liked to persade people to think what I think. Next term I would like to do some craft about total drama island and world tour I would like to draw them all and make some posters and also I want to make a game about them.

  12. I like term 3 because my favourite maths is multiplication because I got to do adding and subtracting. Mrs Davies teaches us about the war in history. In the morning we do joined up writing and sentence of the day. We also made leek and potato soup.

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