I wish my teacher knew…

Do you have an interest or hobby that you haven’t had a chance to tell me about yet? Maybe there is something special about you that you haven’t told me. Now you have the opportunity – tell me something interesting about YOU.
Mrs Davies

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  1. Dear Mrs Davies, I am going to become a big sister in 9 weeks. This makes me happy because I won’t be the youngest anymore! I can’t wait to look after him by giving him a bath and helping him get dressed. I will give him lots of cuddles and kisses. I will make him laugh and giggle.

  2. Dear Mrs Davies, did you know I’m the best cricket and soccer player on my street? I’m good at being a striker in soccer and I’m a good all-rounder in cricket. I’m good at cricket and soccer because I practise a lot. I mostly play with my friends.

  3. Dear Mrs Davies,
    I’d like to tell you some thing about me.
    I have 1 brother in my family, thats my little brother. There’s also me of course. I’m the oldest out of me and my brother. My brother’s name is Nathan. He is cute cuddly and naughty. Then there’s my mum, her name is Nerissa. I think thats how you spell it? She is the best mum in the WORLD for me. Then there’s my dad, his name is Peter. He is the BEST dad in the world.

  4. Dear Mrs Davies
    Something you may not know about me is that I love animals. My favourite animal is a dog.
    My dog is named Moose and he is a black Labrador. One of my favourite things to do is take Moose for a walk because he likes playing fetch.

  5. Dear Mrs Davies
    I have been chosen to be part of the national development team for my Karate dojo! We are training very hard to take part in the tournament next year in Melbourne. I have been practising my kata’s, kumites and team kata with the brown and black belts in my dojo. I have also had to learn some new katas.

    1. Dear Mrs Davies

      Something you may not know is I want to be a scientist to cure cancer. One of my favourite things to do is make moves.

  6. Hello Mrs Davies and anyone reading this!!! I have something special about me! I have 30 or more cousins in my family!! I have some in Canada, USA and Australia but… I forgot the 4th country where some of my cousins are. I think it was Mexico? I’m just guessing.

  7. Dear Mrs Davies,

    Mrs Davies do you know my favourite sport is swimming because I think its fun and my dad wants me to be a good swimmer.vMy favourite country is Japan because there is sushi there. I love raw salmon and wasabi – and yes, I like eating wasabi.

  8. Dear Mrs Davies,
    At home, l wrote a story called “The Storm” then I went to WORD on my computer to type my good copy. I also have an old copy called “My Best Day – from Alevio
    Ersha”. I typed it last year but I have not finished it yet. My brother, Alvaro, did “My family had a fun day”.

  9. To Mrs Davies,
    Did you know that I have 2 kittens the youngest is called Mittens and the oldest is call Tinka?
    They are sooooooooo adorable!!!

  10. Dear Mrs Davies, my AFL football team won against Gold Coast on the weekend, by 99 points! I have been a fan of this team since I was 4 years old. I have even been to watch them play.

  11. Dear Mrs Davies, I really wish you knew that I love reading. My favourite books are: ‘The Treehouse’ series by Andy Griffiths and any Roald Dahl books. I read when I’m angry because it calms me down. I also read when I just feel like it. I love reading!

  12. Dear Mrs D, did you know I play football and I am going to play against East Fremantle on Sunday? I hope we win! I enjoy being a forward so that I can kick goals.

  13. Dear Mrs Davies, if I could do anything I wanted on the weekend it would be…
    playing football with my team or just with my friends. I like being a forward or a back. I am an Eagles fan and member. I’ve been to 6 games!

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