Scitech excursion

Dear students, what would you like to share on our blog about your excursion to Scitech? Maybe you will write about your favourite part of the excursion – watching ‘Tilt’ in the Planetarium, recount the “Things that glow’ show hosted by the colourful, Renee, or perhaps you will provide details of your free-time?

I am looking forward to hearing about your day!

9 responses on Scitech excursion

  1. Dear Mrs Davies,
    The Scitech excursion was fun because you can learn
    more stuff like you can make a balloon go across the
    thin rope.
    From Clinton

  2. Hi Mrs Davies,
    My favourite part of Scietech was the ” Things that glow” show and free time because you could explore the whole of Scietech. It was AWESOME 🙂 👿
    😆 from Georgia

  3. Dear Mrs Davies
    I loved Scitech because of
    1. the experiments of the human body and
    2. the Planetarium
    but my favourite was the Science theatre where we learnt about the ways of light. The best part of the show was when Renee put the ultraviolet light on and we could see the bits of our school symbol light up on our shirts!

    From Kane

  4. Dear Mrs Davies
    My favourite part of Scitech was THE AMAZING AND MAGNIFICENT PLANETARIUM because we saw the Solar System and The Milky Way and the movie “Tilt “.
    THE AMAZING MAGNIFICENT PLANETARIUM was tilted and the movie was ” Tilted ” get it 🙂

  5. Hi!
    My FAVOURITE part of Scitech was the cool and awesome Planetarium because we could see the solar system.

  6. Dear Mrs Davies.l.o.l
    My top three favourite things that I did at Scitech were; the Planetarium, the “Things that glow” show and free time. When we were having free time there were lots of things to play with. The best things that I played with were the bikes because they were really hard to try and pedal. Your legs would get really tired. l.o.l

  7. Dear Mrs Davies
    I loved Scitech because it was fun learning about the different types of transport. Free time was great too but the best bit was the Planetarium – it was so fun. When are we going on another excursion?

  8. Dear MRS Davies

    When we went to scitech it was soooo fun because we got to learn about transportation and doing the questions.When we went to the planetarium the instructor showed the milky way on the big screen.After that we watched a little clip called tilted.list of favorite things hat we did.


    2.THE GLOW SHOW,with reena


    I loved scitech LOL i hope we can go tere again,can we?

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