End of year thoughts

LA9 Class of 2014 – please write a reflection about your favourite learning tasks from this year. You may remember sessions in the library using the laptops, learning about measurment in maths, knowing how to write a full sentence, writing a reader’s theatre script,making props for the script, acting using a green screen, learning to write in cursive, learning times tables, making trioramas.
I am looking forward to reading what you have enjoyed.
Mrs Davies.

16 responses on End of year thoughts

  1. My favourite part of year 3 is when we did the readers theater script because we got to make props.

  2. I liked doing Kandinsky art because the art I do at home is different. I also enjoyed doing glogster on the laptops in the library because it was really FUN.

  3. I love learning about green screen because I liked acting with my friends. I like doing art because I like to be creative with drawing and making pictures in my mind.

  4. This year we went to Kings Park and we went to a creek in Naturescape. When we were in the creek we walked around in the water and climbed on a log. We climbed up a tower and saw the rest of the playground. In class I enjoyed doing take aways, weighing different items and drawing a sensory garden map. In history I liked writing a diary for a boy that lived in the early 1800s. This year I have a new favourite artist, Kim Gamble – he did the illustrations for the ‘Tashi’ stories. I have enjoyed Year Three.

  5. I liked year three with Mrs Davies because I loved learning cursive writing – I learnt how to write differently.

  6. The things I liked about year 3 were doing the newspaper and procedural writing because we got to make popcorn and jelly, they were both yumy. I also liked going to Kings Park because we got go to Naturescape. I got a little wet. I liked building the cubbies. In class I liked doing readers Theatre because we get to act it out and we get to make props.

  7. The best part of Year three was making an origami bird and flowers. I am enjoying making a pop up Christmas card with snowflakes for mum and dad. I learned that John Forrest was the first premier of WA and there is a statue of him in Kings Park. That’s it folks.

  8. In this year I learn lots things, my fovuite is cursive it help you writing getting more better and maths time table.

  9. This year I learned about different types of years by watching My Place with LA8 and asking questions about old things like how the desks have pull ups to put there stuff in it.I love HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I LOVED making new friends like Caylen, Thomas Dakota, Nickel, Sophie and chelsea.My best friend that I made this year is Caylen. I also loved Mathematics persifecly addition, subtraction, time, times tables and division. I wish I could stay in LA9 for ever!!! I loved going in the libary and doing laptops. Libary but not as much as laptops. What I love to do in the libary studdy ladder,gloggster and dance mat typing. I love making POPCORN and JELLY!!!!!! I LOVE JELLY! I am one of the fastest people in my class [thomas is the fastest].

  11. I really enjoyed making the popcorn and jelly. I really liked doing the readers theater script, making the props and acting. I really enjoyed it when the cuddly animal farm people came and when the ST John ambulance people came. I really like cursive writing because it is something new and I like learning something new.

  12. I like LA9 because I have a great teacher and I like playing with my frends. I like doing maths and music and lots more things like history and art . I also like watching ‘My Place’ because it tells me things that were happening in 1988 and 1998 and other times.

  13. Hi Mrs Daveis ,
    I think THIS blog is the best. I love being in LA 6 with the best teacher ever Mrs Daveis!

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