Term 3 learning in LA9

Hello students, please write and let me know the different learning experiences you have enjoyed participating in this term.
Thank you.
Mrs Davies

16 responses on Term 3 learning in LA9

  1. Learning in LA9 has been so much fun! If you were in LA9 you would love it! I enjoy doing narrative writing, getting the antlions and acting for Friendly Schools Plus.

  2. I liked learning multiplication because it made me think really hard. I also liked doing drama for friendly schools,because we made ours really funny. I also liked joined up writing because I was so neat.

  3. I like term 3 becaues we learnt multiplication and joined up writing. Next term I would like to learn how electricity is made.

  4. I really enjoyed when I did my maths test. It was soo easy. When we got the antlions and when we observe them it’s really fun.

  5. I liked doing Friendly schools because we did the drama. I enjoyed drawing my Special place and recording my voice, and I like doing narrative writing, too.

  6. I enjoyed doing the “Special place” drawing and recording my voice. I also enjoyed doing the pictures for the pilot, Ryan Campbell, and writing a letter to him. I also like making and eating Potato and Leek soup in our classroom.

  7. My favourite things that we did in term 3 for maths was adding and subtracting. I enjoy collecting ants to feed our antlions. In Friendly Schools Plus I enjoy acting out how to be a good friend.

  8. I like doing shared news becaues we learnt a lot of new things. We learned about the Japanese University sending Kirobo the robot to the International Space Station and about Paul and Tracey being injured by a King Wave on cliffs near Shark Bay.

  9. I like it when I did maths naplan. I also like feeding the antlions. I liked it when I drew the “My special place”.

  10. In term 3 I really enjoyed doing narrative writing because we got to type in our narratives on the laptops in the library. In friendly school plus I love doing acting and drama because you can do plays with your friends! I also like doing art because we make lots of fun things. I liked going to Kings Park because we got to go on a tour.

  11. I like T3 because. I like doing Joined Up Writing and sentence of the day. We like having the antlions in our class because they are fun to play with them and I like them.

  12. I haved injoyed LA9 because we learn’t so much.I liked doing joined up writing ,maths ,friendly schools plus and the best thing was feeding the antlions!!!

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