Multiplication learning task in LA9

Multiplication learning taskLA9 is learning about multiplication. In this lesson we counted the number of biscuits and multiplied that number by the number of choc-chips on each biscuit. There were lots of volunteers for this maths task.

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  1. I loved doing multipication and eating a biscut and did you know I had 7 chocolate chips on it!

  2. Those biscuts are great for maths but are great for your tummy,mmmmmm!
    Trinity has told me that you learn maths in a very useful and fun way. Trinity said that she likes doing maths with baby bear 1, baby bear 2and mamma bear because it is a fun way to learn!

    yours sincerely,

    Addison McKenzie [Trinity’s sister] xxxxxxxx

  3. I love doing multiplication because it’s very fun. We made some chocolate chip cookies and every cookie had a different multiplication on it. Like 5x,4x,6x,7x,8x, and my favourite one the 9xs times tables. On my chocolate chip cookie I had 9 chocolate chips on it (3×3). The second thing I also like doing is 3d shapes, it was fun when we made 3d shapes with blutak – I made 4 of them. The third thing I liked doing for maths is money because there are lots of games for money. The game I like the most is the game where you stand at the front with a white board and the teacher will call out some question that involves money. Like the queen is on one side of the 5 dollar note who or what is on the other side of the 5 dollar. I love doing maths!!!! From Ava

  4. OMG it’s my last year in Bletchley park primary I remember this moment in time I will never forget this day and I will cherish it to the end of time thank you Mrs. Davis for a great learning opportunity and I hope all is well and I will never forget the best year I’ve ever had in Bletchley park primary you where a great teacher thank you and I loved the chocolates. Trinity says the same and loved being in year three with you also I loved the class shop you made us and we got to buy stuff. I also loved out ant lion and me and trinity got to collect the ants together. Thanks to your great learning techniques me and trinity are very successful in our school and we are also very close. Also I loved how your learning techniques where fun and easy to understand I should stop because it is getting a little to long but I could say alote more about year three thank you Mrs Davis have a nice life🤓

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