LA9 history dance

LA9 “Titanium” History Dance, 2013 from Mrs Davies on Vimeo.

Miss Chapman of ‘Dance About’ came and helped us learn about World War One. We reflected on what we already knew about WW1 and through discussion, reading books and dancing with Miss Chapman, learned even more! In this dance you can see that the boys and girls are in two distinct groups reflecting the different roles that men and women played during WW1. Miss Chapman choreographed this dance and the students created the moves showing what men and women did during the war. We thoroughly enjoyed our history sessions with Miss Chapman. Have a look at the blog roll for a link to Miss Chapman’s ‘Dance About’ website.

11 responses on LA9 history dance

  1. Well done LA9 what a wonderful performance, fantastic effort from all of you! Very proud! (Trinity’s mum)

  2. it is amazing i watch this about a thousand times a day especially my cousin douha is in it she i s great and all of her friends cho bye

  3. Dear LA 9,
    I really liked your history dace that I was to scared to touch you because you guys were doing karate.

    From Erin’ sister Jamie-lee

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