Growing sprouts in LA9

Hello LA9 students, which sprout do you predict will be ready to eat first? The snow pea sprouts, the fenugreek or the mustard sprouts? I wonder which sprout will taste the best?

7 responses on Growing sprouts in LA9

  1. i think that the fedugreek will grow the fastest because its sprouts are the biggest spouts than the other sprouts.

  2. I think that the fungreek will grow the first because it is the biggest in the tube. That is my answer for this question

  3. Iv changed my mind i dont think that the Fedugreek will grow the fastest because the Mustard sprouts and fedugreek got through in the bin so i think that the snow peas will grow the fastest because it is the only plant we have left.

  4. I’ve changed my mind again, I don’t think that the fedugreek or the mustard sprouts or the snow pea sprouts will grow the fastest because they were all thrown out.

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