Question for LA9 students

Hello LA9 students,
Thinking about the persuasive writing we have been engaged in, have you noticed any persuasive texts when shopping or watching tv? Maybe you have seen an advertisement persuading you to buy a new product, or perhaps you have seen a poster in the supermarket aimed at getting you to buy an item?
Let me know what you have seen.
Have fun!
Mrs Davies.

19 responses on Question for LA9 students

  1. In a toy shop I saw a poster with the words “Low Prices!”. The poster was trying to persuade customers to buy a toy with a lower price.

  2. I have seen a poster at Westfield. The sign said “Buy a bangle now!” . It was $4, but i got it on sale so i bought it .

  3. In a toy shop I saw a sign that said “Can you buy me for Christmas?” I said “yes” beause the sign was persuading me and my mum at the shop.

  4. I have seen a poster about Coles on tv and it said meat for sale for $20 we said yes because we love meat. So the next morning we went straight to Coles and bought some meat.

  5. Today we have don some persuasive writing about target with lower prices.In the
    middle of the page it said ‘SAVE 30% ON THESE BIG TOY BRANDS’ in bold

  6. Me and Jye have seen lots of ads at the shop. ToysRus had a sign saying ”we have toys for $10.” We did not buy them.

  7. At Margaret River i saw a fudge poster – it said” buy some fudge today”. we bought caremell fudge and caremell sprinckle .

  8. At a toy shop I saw a poster it was trying to persuade me to buy a remote control car, and it was expensive.

  9. To LA9 I have seen a lot of posters in a lot of shop the shop is called big w.It is trying to persuasive my mum,dad and me. I have got a lot of thing. There is a lot of things in there. I love big w It is so cool o and LA 9 cool blog video rock.on LA 9. I sow a big thing in Big w .I got it because it was 50$.

  10. When i was watching the tv ads it was persuading me and my family to go to Coles and Woolworth. My mum side that,s good I can save my money now and it was 50%of and it was only $20.

  11. I watched the TV advert for washing powder, which said it was the best ever. I don’t think this is true because they were smiling. We did not buy it because I did not believe her.

  12. when i was at diva iwas buying a mood neclace when i got home it did’nt work they were perswading me .

  13. I like lerning about the war and pepol how thort in the war. Allso i like indonein and what we do.Next term i would like to lern about diffent contrys.

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