Term One in LA6, 2015

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Here are some photos of different learning experiences taken during Term One. Students, what was your favourite learning task?

13 responses on Term One in LA6, 2015

  1. WOW Mrs Davies!!!! The Slideshow was spectacular and true! #AWESOME! HIIIIII MRS DAVIES!!!! My favourite activity was the Kandinsky cuircles!

  2. Dear Mrs davies
    I really liked making the shapes with the playdough because it was soft and squishy in your hands – it was fun LOL.

  3. Dear Mrs Davies, this term I love English. I am enjoying looking closely at pictures in books and doing persuasive writing (I liked trying to persuade someone to like cats not dogs!).

  4. Dear Mrs Davises

    WOW Mrs Davises what an AMAZING first term. My favourite activity in the morning was dancing and figuring out questions.

  5. my faavourite part of year 3 is when we watched Michael Rosen in the “Chocolate cake” video because it was funny.

  6. Dear Mrs Davies, my favourite part of Term One was drawing with the oil pastels in circles like the artist Kandinsky.

  7. Dear Mrs Davies

    #WOW# Mrs Davies what a FUN first term in YEAR 3.
    My FAVOURITE activity in the morning was dancing to the song timber and doing ART and pancake day with LA13.

  8. Dear Mrs Davies, this term I have enjoyed releasing the butter flies and making the Kandinsky shapes with oil pastels because I like doing art.

  9. Dear Mrs Davies, I enjoyed trying to persuade people that cats are better than dogs in my writing.

  10. Dear Mrs Davies,
    My favourite task was the pancakes because my brother Alvaro is in LA13.
    I had a great time making pancakes with Alvaro.

  11. Dear Mrs Davies,

    Mrs Davies have you seen a blue butterfly? because i have.I used to collect coocoons and release them in Malaysia.It was very fun.

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