Reflecting on our work this year in LA9

Greetings students!
Tell me what you have enjoyed learning in English, Maths, History, Art and Living Things this year in LA9. Maybe you remember our trip to Kings Park where we learned about the plants that Aboriginal people use for medicines, or maybe you enjoyed cooking potato and leek soup on a cold winter’s day? Maybe you enjoyed something we learned more recently?
I am looking forward to reading your reflections.
Mrs Davies

13 responses on Reflecting on our work this year in LA9

  1. My favourite thing in English is newspaper work. I have particularly enjoyed making my mindmap about Halloween. I also enjoy math because I am really good at Math. Multiplication is lots of fun because you can group numbers into arrays. In art I like painting and drawing. I had fun drawing the castle and also painting the flowers for Mother’s Day. In Living Things I enjoy observing the antlions, B1 and B2. Also, I am going to enjoy being at Perth Zoo tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the animals and staff at the Zoo, especially our adopted Sumatran Orangutan!

  2. My favourite thing to do in class is writing, because we do running writing. It does not hurt my hands. When we went to Kings Park we saw paper bark trees and the marri tree. We went to the meeting place which was made from bricks.For cooking we made Anzac biscuts, they were delicious. In maths I like to make arrays because they help with times tables. I like art because you can create and recreate.

  3. I like it when I do art. I like drawing Australian animals, drawing the koala was fun. In Maths I like filling in the missing numbers and I like playing the shop in our classroom. I also like using the magnets to make a cube. For English I like to write to persuade shoppers to buy things. In History I like to learn about the World Wars. Doing the dance about the war when the girls stayed home and did all the work and the boys had to go to war – that was enjoyable. I like learning about the antlions – I like learning how they eat the ants. The things I’ve liked doing most in LA9 this year was when LA9 adopted an orangutan.

  4. I think I’ve enjoyed maths because I am kind of good at it and it’s good fun.I also like laptops in library because it’s fun and I learned lots of websites (e.g) switch zoo.I also like the music lesson, and i learned plenty of songs and musics. Sometimes we play fun games if there’s time.I also like the silent reading lesson.In this lesson we can read any books, and we can also bring books to school.

  5. i liked drawing animals from Perth Zoo for art.I liked when we did living things and we planted sun flowers.I like when we did tack away it we fun.I liked when we did english, is so fun because I write.I history because we like My Place.

  6. This term my favourite subject is English because you get to learn and write about different topics. In maths my favourite maths game is spin an array. In art my favourite thing was when we demonstrated symmetry. In history my favourite thing we learned was when we looked at the different people on different money notes. In living things I enjoyed drawing life cycles of our antlions and writing information about living things!

  7. In maths I really like when we made things with maths equipment. For art I really like doing the class newspaper. I also like doing the class newspaper for English. I liked doing the test about olden days in Perth. Living thing was awesome when we had to match the animals with their groups.

  8. I like Math because we do subtraction stories.
    I like English because I like writing narratives and showing them to Mrs Davies.I like history because we learnt about world war 1 and 2. I like art because we made St Patrick cards. First we drew the leaves on the paper that we folded, second we painted them green. Then we waited for it to dry and then we wrote in it.

  9. My favourite thing in English is the LA9 Newspaper because I did an 8 paged story. I also like doing reading groups. Our book is a New Zealand called Maui and the fish hook.

    I also like maths! My fave maths game is the time game on the ipad. You can do all sorts on the game. It is really fun.

    I also like History! My fave thing is the ‘My place’ time line. I’m on 1908 with Evelin. My place is so fun. I also like doing ANZAC day we got make poppies – it was so fun!

    I also like doing Art! We got to do drawings of Aussie Animals. I did a dingo, a wombat, a platypus and a frill neck lizard. I also liked painting the Mothers day cards flowers.

    I also liked doing the life cycles about the Antlions. We got to pretend we were on TV and were reporting about the work we did. Some people did a funny voice.

    I also liked doing the cooking! We made Anzac biscuits and we ate them out side in the sensory garden.

  10. I liked it when we made potato and leek soup. I also liked it when I did ‘My Place’ for history. I even liked it when we made cookies for maths. In art I enjoy drawing Australian animals.

  11. I like art because I like drawing and painting. I also like doing English – it is my favrourite subject. For Living Things we planted our sunflower and one became taller than the others. I also like Living Things because it helps me with animals if I want to be a vet.

  12. In Maths I liked doing adding, like 10 000 + 10 000 (that makes 20 000). In English I liked writing my story using the key prompt, my character found a glowing key which he used to help him make better decisions which eventually helped him solve the problem in the story. What I like about Living Things is learning about the antlion and learning about where it lives, its life cycle and I like watching the antlions eat the ants. In History I liked learning about World War 1, I really liked drawing the soldier standing up in his soldier clothes.

  13. I liked it when we did art because we got to pick out what ever we want to do.In maths i enjoyed telling the time and doing times tables because we had a test of time tables and telling the time. My other favourite subject is history because we watched ‘My Place’ from ABC3. When we made the soup it tasted sort of yummy.

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