Greetings new friends!

Hello to our new friends in Queensland!
We are keen to learn about life at school in your state.

19 responses on Greetings new friends!

  1. Hello LA9 !!! I am Gavin’s new teacher at Northview State School – we are looking forward to learning more about your life in WA !!!

    1. Hi Gavin

      I really miss you .

      From your best friend bailey

      P.s can you say hi to Max for my please.

    2. Hello Max – which type of football do you play? In Western Australia football means AFL. Some students play rugby union and not many play Rugby League.
      Mrs Davies

  2. Hello Mrs de Gunst’s class! We are doing swimming lessons for 10 days now which means we are out of school from lunch time until home time. I will have some students reply to you during our writing session tomorrow. Do you do swimming lessons at school in Queensland? We travel on a bus to a nearby Leisure centre and have lessons in an indoor pool.

  3. Hi I am Zoe and I would love to learn more about you. It sounds like a very interesting place. I miss you Gavin please come back for a holiday. If you have heard we have Alannah back at our school. She moved back from Ireland and she missed all of us so much she wanted to come back. Gavin I have got one of your name tags to remember you by. I hope that you can answer my comment.

    1. Hi Gavin, it is Charlotte – everyone misses you. I look at the name tag too. Can you come back please? What is your favourite thing about your home now? We still have to do work. We got two new students, one is a boy named Tristan and one is called Rhea.

    1. Hello Gavin, it is good to hear from you. Do you have any new favourite things to do – like new lessons or sports or hobbies out of school? We would love to hear about the different things you do.
      Mrs Davies

  4. hi gavin you are the best and you are awesome to and happy christmas gavin and i miss you so so so so so so, much

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